Boost up on a 12% Premium Bonus

A Premium Fixed Indexed Deferred Annuity with an income benefit rider option and a 12% Premium Bonus on premiums paid in the first year. This product contains a Fixed-Rate account and a variety of competitive Index Accounts.

  • 12% Premium Bonus on all premiums received in the first contract year

  • Issue ages 0-75, or 40-75 if income rider is elected. 

  • 14-year surrender charge period

  • Optional 6% income rider accumulation for up to 10 years,
    (rider charge 1.25%)

  • 5 indexing accounts and 1 fixed rate account

  • $10,0000 minimum premium

  • 8% Commission

A Strategy to Consider

It's not too late for your clients to make IRA contributions for 2018. Combine their 2018 and 2019 contributions into this single product with 12% bonus. 

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