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We provide a variety of turnkey marketing materials that generate leads and stimulate sales with confidence and trust.


America Loves Annuities

In a world of up and downs, how can we be assured the Financial Freedom to do the things we always wanted to do? The answer lies within the exclusive report America Loves Annuities. 

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The Organizer

The Organizer brings focus to the arduous task of maintaining records of valuable accounts and information for easy accessibility. The Organizer has helped many bring numerous accounts to the surface and opens doors for referrals. Get Organized Today!

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Top 10 Reasons to Buy Annuities

People are transferring billions to annuities, and we have the top ten reasons along with the top 10 reasons why people buy CDs.

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Tax-Free Income Strategies

America loves Tax-Free income, and you should too. Get all the facts right here.

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CD Buster and the Million Dollar Retirement Plan

Retirement plans, investment accounts, and savings plans are in imminent danger of higher taxes and market losses. You can salvage retirement plans with The Million Dollar Retirement and put savings back on track with the CD Buster.

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Opportunity Workbook

Insuring today for a better tomorrow! Protect the ones you love. An easy to use workbook for collecting information for a fast review and better planning.

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IRS Forced Liquidation Sale

What is the IRS Forced Liquidation Sale and what can you do about it? This brochure gives you an avenue to talk to your clients about Required Minimum Distributions and how you can help them benefit the most.

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