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12% Premium Bonus Special on MarketPower Bonus Index!

Clients earn an additional 2% premium bonus on all first year premium, for contracts with effective dates of 9/17 or later. Available for a limited time! To view and print a client-use flyer detailing the premium bonus special and contracting, click here.

1% Commission Special on MarketValue Index!

MarketValue Index offers highly competitive cap and participation rates on a client-friendly, 10-year contract. Commission special applies to selling agents on applications received on or after 9/17. Click here for more info.

Rate Increase on Index Annuities and SPIA!

Rates apply to contracts with effective dates of 9/17 or later

MarketTen Bonus Index®


1-Year Interest

2.00% (Formerly 1.00%)

1-Year Point-to-Point Cap

5.00% (Formerly 2.50%)

1-Year Daily Average Cap

6.00% (Formerly 2.75%)

1-Year Monthly Average Part

60.00% (Formerly 30.00%)

1-Year Monthly Cap

1.30% (Formerly 1.00%)

2-Year Monthly Average Cap

8.00% (Formerly 6.00%)

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